Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit, No Slip Solution Need Blue Pink Nail Gel with Base Coat Top Coat All-in-One Starter Kit



Brand Name: Makartt

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: COMBO

Ingredient: Poly nail gel set

Volume: 15ml

Model Number: C0676

Quantity: 11pcs

NET WT: 15ml

Type: Painting Gel

About the products

♥DON'T NEED SLIP SOLUTION: New trendy poly nail gel art, just need to gently squeeze to apply the poly nail gel on your nail, simple shaping it with nail brush, save your time even more, and you can create various and beautiful extension nails or other nail art design.

♥PINK POLY NAIL EXTENSION GEL KIT: Makartt 2020 new poly nail gel kit which can create any special builder extension nails. 6 popular color gel with the consistency of putty so it’s extremely mouldable. Suited for everyone from beginners to experienced professionals. Delivers strong, flexible, feather-light, charming nails extension.

♥QUICK CONVENVIENT AND EASY USE: Makartt nail extension gel dry very fast, the curing time for the LED lamp is only 30-60s and UV Lamp is 2 mins. It's stronger, more flexible, easier to control than other nail extension. Extrusion type nail extension gel, don't need to use spatula and slip solution, whether you are a beginner or a professional manicurist, will be easier to make your beautiful and durable nail extension.

♥LONG-LASTING EFFECT AND TIPS: Makartt poly nail extension gel will last up to about one month or longer with proper nail prep (filing, buffering, and cleaning ), saving your time and money for nail salon, what's more, you can refill your nails about every two weeks when the new cuticle area grows.

♥REMOVE TIPS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you want to change the nail art style and remove the nail extension gel, you can file the nail extension gel down and then buffer it. A nail drill machine will save your time and help to remove faster and cleaner. And if there are any problems, please feel free to contact the seller directly, we offer to replace or refund service.

Decorate Poly Nail Building Gel

Decorate Your Poly Nail Building Gel with Gel Nail Polish and Nail Art Rhinestone
1. Apply gel nail polish on poly nail
2. Squeeze some nail art rhinestone glue on poly nail
3. Choose the nail rrt rhinestone you like, put it on your nails and cure it
4. Apply top coat and cure it

Decorate Your Poly Nail Building Gel with Glitter
Gently sprinkle any nail glitter powder you like on poly nail extension gel as you want, or mix the extension gel and the nail glitter powder you like, you'll get a bling bling poly nail.

Decorate Your Poly Nail Building Gel with Nail Art Foil Stickers
1. Apply nail foil glue on nail extension, cure it for 120s
2. Choose the nail foil stickers you like, transfer it on your nails
3. Apply top coat and cure it


1.Factors such as lighting, gel thickness, contrast and color display can cause the color in pictures to look slight different from the actual upgrade Makartt poly nail extension gel. Picture is for reference only, the actual item shall govern.

2.You can mix with the different color poly nail extension gel to create a different color, or mix the poly nail extension gel with glitter, to create a bling bling nails art.

3.After finishing the nail extension gel nails, you can wipe with alcohol on the both sides of the nail, so that the sticky layer will be removed and the nails will be more smooth and shiny.

4. It might be hard to squeeze out the gel at low temperatures. It's suggested that you seal the tube in an airtight and waterproof bag, put it in warm water at about 60℃ for 5-10 mins then take it out and use it as normal.